This blog is dedicated to Joy Kennedy Perry, my mom. If she were still alive these are the details of my life that I would want to share with her. Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Tulip

This is Tulip.  When Tulip and I are together people often stop me for a picture.  It isn't me - because when I am alone no one asks for a picture, there is no magic.  Tulip holds all the magic in her woven basket.

We have been together for about a year now and are very serious and totally exclusive - as good relationships should be.  There is love and trust.  We get along so well it's as if we have been together for  longer!  We are so in sync we finish each other's thoughts.  She loves to go fast at the same time I do! Weird!  She is happy to poke around, she is happy to glide, she is happy to do tricks.  She also gets along well with my children.  But our most joyous times are spent when we are alone.

Near my house is a three mile long paved trail.  It winds through the forest.  I live in the Pacific Northwest and the forests here are like no others.  So beautiful - especially in the the spring.  Moss coats the trees, small flowers are in bloom, the creeks are running high.

There is a dress requirement for the perfect afternoon ride.  It consists of my favorite jean shorts, a short sleeve T-shirt and flip-flops.  Where is the helmet? some of you may ask.  Good question.  I seem to be brilliant at remembering it when I ride with kids but it rarely makes it on my head when I am alone.  Part of the joy of this ride for me is feeling my hair whipping out behind me.  My own Samurai Safety Warrior husband is possibly shaking his head in disbelief as we speak.  However, sacrifices must be made in order to feel 8 years old and at 40 I rarely feel 8 any longer - except on my bike.

This is Sarah - my family's favorite tree on the trail.  She was my Mom's favorite tree also so when we want to talk to her we often go to this tree.
Did I mention noon is my favorite time to ride?  The bells at the church in my town ring at that time and serenade me as I ride past.  The three mile trail is a slight downward grade the entire way.  I only have to pedal once and for about 15 minutes I coast the entire way.  Heaven, Joy, Delight, Magic!  By the end of the ride my bangs are sticking straight up and there are bug carcasses in my teeth but I have the entire way back to once again make myself presentable. 

And sometimes, if time allows, I go again.

"Kiss your life.  Accept it, just as it is.  Today.  Now.  So that those moments of happiness you're waiting for don't pass you by."  Anon.