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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Joys of Summer

Maya and Sean getting ready for
the Preston water balloon fight.
It is 8 in the morning and my candles are lit;  my fire is roaring and my one, threadbare but very dear cashmere sweater is donned.  Fall has arrived in the Northwest.  It is time to bid summer farewell.  Summer has never been my most favorite season (I always say you can only remove so many clothes...and then you are still hot) but this summer took an unexpected twist and turned into my Summer of Reckoning (summon the dramatic music!)  But that is for another post.  Here I need to say goodbye to summer.  Thinking back, though, what I find fascinating is that although I can articulate why this summer wasn't my best one (not really even in my top 10) my specific memories only bring forth these images:
On the last day of school every year at the Preston Alley bus stop we have a water balloon fight.  The kids have a choice of either staying on the bus or getting off and getting drenched.  It is great as you can hear them screaming in excitement (or torment) before the bus is even in sight.  This is my offering, some moms bring wheelbarrows full.  Showoffs!!

This is the Fourth of July with many of our neighbors.  I love this picture most because they have both assumed mirroring Japanese squats.  She is so her Daddy's daughter.  Sorry for the blurriness!

There is no greater joy than being five!  Nothing gets in your way - what's a little wet grass on the face when there is fun to be had!

La Push Beach, WA

I do love my Daddy

Forget a bird in the bush - how about 16 eggs in the bush!
So what I mean to say, especially to myself (and, in fact, the point of this blog) is even in the throes of certain trials there is always joy to be had - whether and when we choose to see them is our choice.

"The cream of enjoyment in this life is always impromptu.  The chance walk, the unexpected visit, the unpremeditated journey;  the unsought conversation or aquaintance."  Fanny Fern

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Seeing such wonderful pictures, it's hard to believe this wasn't the perfect summer. Maybe it was just an "ordinary" one and it's all your state of mind. At the end of the season, you just got to say "It's alright." ;0)

  2. Moonbaby: It appears that you had a wonderful summer...despite your pessimism. NOW....have a wonderful fall....Love...Poppy

  3. Thanks, Kou! I feel that GBS has always helped solve most of my problems - or at least made them more palatable!

    Daddy, it was a wonderful summer and so good to see you, especially. Much love to you...